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I'm busier than you are.

There is no doubt we are a busy bunch of humans.

It seems there are so many people who are incredibly busy, accomplishing tasks and projects, managing companies, multi-tasking 24-7 and yet they are sadly unfulfilled.


The "To-Do" list never ends, the phone is never off and the busy NEVER STOPS. Here's why being busy is so attractive:

"Busy" means you aren't lazy or irrelevant.

"Busy" is a status symbol, busy people are important.

"Busy" keeps us moving at a frantic pace, keeps us unaware and out of touch. 

"Busy" gives us a sense of accomplishment and purpose.

How many times have you heard this:

"I'm just so busy all the time. I can't even tell you what I've been doing." 

What exactly are we doing? Moving through life, checking the boxes, doing what we think we should be doing to chasing success but in the moments when we reflect, we find a serious lack of satisfaction and a longing for...something else. And you think to yourself-"Wait, what? That doesn't seem right."

This, of course, is a great time to get back to being "busy" or take it up a notch to "super busy". The sense of pride and accomplishment we get from being busy is not all bad and nobody said life was going to be fun so just get on with it. There will be time to deal with other stuff when you aren't so busy.

Checking all of the boxes does not always lead to a sense of fulfillment and personal accomplishment. What does your busy-ness look like? Are you trying to prove something by responding to everything that comes your way? Do you feel like something isn't right but just keep going?

Having a busy life might not be an option but taking a deeper look at how, why and where you invest your time and energy IS an option.

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