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Meet Your Therapist

Lorree Riley, LCMHC, has over 16 years of experience working with clients on the complex relationship between achievement, drive and success, self-criticism, overthinking, guilt and a sense of inadequacy. As both a mom and a professional, Lorree can relate to clients who are dealing with feelings of stress and anxiety that can come with managing the competing priorities of life satisfaction, career and family.

A native of Charleston, SC,  Lorree originally received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Winthrop University. After seeing first-hand the power of art in helping individuals cope with anxiety and depression, she pursued a Master of Arts in Expressive Therapy. Lorree creatively blends cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and mindfulness-based therapy (MBCT) to help clients envision an intentional path, engage in change and embrace a new, positive way of thinking, doing and being. Lorree believes that a blended approach helps to address the unique vision and goals of each client.

Lorree also has a passion for speaking to groups about the feelings of stress, doubt and inadequacy that tend to pop up in everyday life and shares coping skills to increase mental and emotional wellness.

Lorree Riley, Charlotte, Therapist

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